Construction Sector: Time DMG Steelworkers commenced its operations in 1995 with staff that had accumulated many years of experience in the supply of steelwork to the construction industry. The company’s workforce continues to retain all the necessary skills and competence to complete all elements of steelwork, or metalwork, that may be required within the civil engineering, construction or building industries.

The ability to deliver on-time, hassle-free and compliant with customer expectations has brought Time DMG Steelworkers a number of commendations. As the company has increased in capacity, they have developed a strong presence within highways works and possess the National Highways Scheme Sector 20 accreditation for the execution of steelwork in transportation infrastructure assets. More unusual projects have included flood alleviations where large headwall grilles and specialist access have been installed within live river situations and diversionary reservoirs. Time DMG Steelworkers maintain a presence within the building sector with architectural steelwork, staircases, balustrades, stainless and glazed structures featuring heavily.  Projects supported encompass all categories including hospitals, schools, office, retail, warehouse and residential.The photographs within the Projects area of this site will give guidance on some recent works.

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 Rail Sector: With over ten years experience within the rail infrastructure, Time DMG Steelworkers can offer its accumulated expertise to delivery projects on time within the strict constraints of this specialist environment. As part of the Welsh Government’s ‘Safe Route to School’ initiative, Time DMG Steelworkers was instrumental in delivering road, rail and river footbridges to a number of locations across the Heads of the Valleys.  From this foothold in the area, and the contact made with contractors, the transition to fully fledged Rail Specialist quickly evolved.  Upgrades to relatively remote cross-country lines brought expertise in U-decks and repairs to existing structures.  Bridge strike repairs, including fast tracked replacement U-decks, became commonplace.With the advent of ‘Access for All’ (AFA) schemes, the company was soon involved in station upgrades and this continues with both station reconfigurations and footpath replacement structures. Time DMG Steelworkers has performed a key part in the station improvements currently in hand throughout the network.  Their involvement in reconfiguring major interchange stations to allow escalators and lifts to pass between levels; extending concourse areas and basically providing a complete steelwork service to Main Contractors.As more of the network has become electrified, Time DMG Steelworkers have completed numerous parapet modifications including steeple fitment to stone, brick, concrete and steel structures.  The resultant need for road bridge replacements has allowed the company to manufacture steel bridge beams for incorporation into new composite concrete structures, assembled both on site and off site at the pre-casters yard.Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following:-

  • U-decks.
  • Footbridges of all types.
  • Accommodation bridges.
  • Steelwork for road bridges.
  • Walkways.
  • Gantries.
  • Structures in weathering steel.
  • All types of new steel structures.
  • Footbridge refurbishment and repair.
  • General steel bridge repairs.
  • Works carried out by our own qualified skilled operatives.


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 Utilities Sector: The key product ranges during Time DMG Steelworkers’ conception was steelwork for both telecommunication and electrical distribution.  This continues to range from simple brackets and bracing replacements through to structures such as guyed masts and radar towers.  The company has always had particular skills at tubular tower fabrications. Time DMG Steelworkers recognise the importance of fast-track manufacturing, particularly for refurbishment works, and have flexible systems within their factory that allows this to happen. Some of the company’s customers include major power distributers and top tier contractors within the UK.  Products have also been supplied for use abroad throughout the Middle East, Caribbean, and into Afghanistan.

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